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Your Go-To Guide To Cosmetic Dentistry!

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Dental treatments can be divided into three categories – preventive, restorative, and cosmetic. Preventive dentistry is all about keeping teeth and gum issues at bay, while restorative dentistry is about fixing existing dental problems. Cosmetic dentistry is about fixing your ‘smile’ issues. If you have stained, crowded, broken, chipped, or cracked teeth, you may want to see a dentiste esthétique to get a proper treatment plan. Before you step in, here’s what you need to know.

Knowing cosmetic dentistry procedures

As we mentioned, everything that goes in fixing your smile is a part of cosmetic dentistry. This includes the standard process of teeth whitening, which is done at the office of your dentist, and also dental implants used for fixing missing teeth and used as a far better replacement for dentures. Some of the other types of cosmetic dentistry treatments include inlays, veneers, dental bonding, crowns and caps, and even braces. Braces are a part of orthodontic care, but are absolutely necessary for fixing your smile, and hence, these are often used by cosmetic dentists too.

Are cosmetic dentistry treatments safe?

Even a few years back, only the rich and famous could have afforded cosmetic dentistry treatments, but that’s not the case anymore. The technology and medical facilities in dental care have improved leaps and bounds, and most treatments that dental clinics offer are absolutely safe. Yes, there are a few risks inherent with certain procedures, but with a good dentist doing his job, you don’t have much to worry about. Only when there is no underlying decay, gum or other teeth issues, a cosmetic dentistry treatment will be recommended, and it is completely okay to opt for one.

Things to know

Most treatments under cosmetic dentistry are not covered under insurance, because these are typically elective procedures. You have to check with your insurer to know more on that. The second thing to know is the expertise of your cosmetic dentist counts. If you are opting for a procedure, make sure that you can trust the dentist for his advice and job. Ensure that you have discussed all the relevant aspects of the treatment, including risks, if any.

While cosmetic dentistry is safe and recommended for most adults, there are exceptions. The overall condition of your teeth and gums will be considered before a procedure is initiated. For instance, if you have bleeding gums, your dentist may not recommend a whitening procedure right away.

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