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The job of collagen in people’s bodies

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Collagen gets secreted by different cells and the chief among them are connective tissue cells. Again, it is present in the extracellular matrix too. This is considered an intricate network comprising macromolecules that determine the body tissues’ physical properties. Macromolecules are molecules that comprise many atoms. In people’s middle layer or the dermis, collagen helps in forming a fibrous system of cells, known as fibroblasts where new cells do grow. Again, it plays a vital role in substituting and restoring dead skin cells. A few collagens work as protective coverings for some delicate organs present in the body, like the kidneys.

When people age, their bodies create less trusted source collagen and so, their skin loses structural integrity. This results in wrinkles. Again, their joint cartilage too becomes weak with time. Women do experience a highly dramatic lessening in collagen synthesis after their menopause. And when they attain the age of sixty years, then they experience a remarkable lessening in the production of collagen. The remarkable thing is this process is pretty normal in women. Hence, most of them prefer to drink VIP Collagen. This product comprises a premium complex containing important components for supporting users’ skin, joints, nails, and hair.

Various forms of collagen

If one reference is believed, then there are present 28 kinds of collagen. Some resources note that some types, like one, two, and three are considered plentiful collagens that are present in people’s bodies. These are also collagens that remain touted in the marketing of products. The three highly vital forms of collagen that remain present in the body are:

  • Type One – This is the chief collagen that remains present in the skin. You will also find this collagen in bones, tendons, teeth, ligaments, and some connective tissues.
  • Type Two – The type two collagen makes up the cartilage and remains present in the eyes.
  • Type Three – The type three collagen makes up skin besides blood vessels and muscles. This collagen is at times known as baby collagen as it plays a remarkable role in early infant life and embryogenesis.

How can you get sufficient collagen?

If you hunt for products that increase your collagen levels then you will find lots of companies on the internet. They all try to grab people’s attention either through food or supplement or topically. Some vital products are:

  • Collagen capsules and powders – Collagen capsules and powders are trendy in the form of an addition to smoothies and coffee. Collagen powder is considered a protein and when people ingest it then their bodies digest it like other sources of protein, such as fish or chicken.
  • Collagen oils and creams – Some pro-collagen creams available in the market claim to reduce the indications of aging. These products comprise synthetic collagen and its job is to lock moisture into the users’ skin. Additionally, they create a plumping effect too.
  • Liquid – A few people select to drink bone broth and it remains stuffed with collagen extracted from animal bones.

For a good supply of collagen, you can have VIP collagen. This product comprises clinically-examined hydrolyzed collagen of superior quality.

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