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Get Familiar with The Main Kratom Types and Its Effects

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Kratom is botanically termed as ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’. This evergreen tree survives in a tropical climate and belongs to the coffee family. Kratom leaves get sun-dried and crushed into a fine powder. It is used to treat ailments like chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Recently, its use has increased as a recreational substance because of its stimulant effects and opioid properties.

If you plan to introduce kratom to your health and wellness regime then learn about the different types and their effects. To find natural botanicals of premium quality visit Golden Leaf Botanicals online herbal shop. You can get 52 Kratom strains, kava, extracts, Kanna, etc.

Main Kratom strains or types

It is separated into 3 different colors, which depend on the color of the leaf vein and stem. The color defines the effect kratom leaf will induce on your body and mind. Different colors mean different chemical compositions and different effects. During the grinding process vein and stem get removed. You only consume the leaf in the form of powder.

White leaf vein 

It is a mood enhancer and a potent stimulant. The effects will depend on variables like product quality, users’ lifestyle, and tolerance level. White veins are found to be extremely intoxicating and euphoric among all kratom strains. During extreme fatigue or gloomy periods, a white vein is recommended rather than coffee for cheerfulness, focus, and alertness. It is advisable to avoid using it at the end of the day to avoid restless sleep.

Red leaf vein

Red is more sold than white and green because it is abundantly grown in Southeast Asia. Research claims that red veins and stems increase the tree’s vulnerability towards external factors. In this category, there is plenty of difference in terms of properties and effects. Some strains induce a sedative effect, while the remaining generates an ecstatic mood.

Overall, red vein kratom gives a calming effect that makes you mentally feel optimistic and good. It is a great product for people struggling with sleep issues. Physical pain gets reduced, so you can use it in place of painkillers to relax the muscles. Strong extracts of red kratom help to avoid the withdrawal symptoms in opiate addict patients.

Green leaf vein

It has helped users to improve their focus and alertness or brighten up. The effects are more refined than white and red veins. It is a trivial energy booster that helps to get you in the flow. Generally, you can use it to treat pain and discomfort without any concerns about drowsiness.

The choice among white, red, or green leaf veins depends on your situation and preference. Ensure to buy from reliable suppliers!

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