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First-time Mistakes to Avoid While Visiting Fluent Marijuana Dispensaries 

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The budtender and the staff at the medical marijuana dispensaries are friendly and keen to help customers. The variety of hi-quality cannabis products sold at Fluent Cannabis dispensaries.

In every production process, Fluent ensures to maintain high standards and meticulous techniques to be applied from the nursery to the lab to the shelf. To enjoy your first-time visit to a dispensary makes sure to avoid common mistakes.

Carry your Medical Marijuana Card & Cash

The first-time visit to a marijuana dispensary has to be an experience. Carry your valid marijuana card and hard cash. Several medical marijuana dispensaries don’t allow entrance until you carry a valid ID.

Even if marijuana has been legalized at the state level it is still banned on a federal level. Therefore, the majority of banks and credit card companies don’t allow cannabis purchase. Hence, carry cash!

Check their online menu

There is a plethora of cannabis products on the menu. If the potential dispensary you are planning to visit has an online menu it is wise to check it out and get familiar with the products.

You get to know that they have the strain you desire to purchase. It avoids the disappointment of running into sold-out situations and the need to choose something else. If you feel intimidated to visit the establishment then you can even place an order online, just check this out!

Never touch

Touch is not allowed as the beautiful and delicate trichomes on the nugs come off, so no touch!

Never hesitate to ask questions

You read a lot about weeds but the budtenders will have more knowledge about the specific weed in their inventory than you. A big mistake is to assume you are skilled but there are wide varieties available.

Ask questions about different strains’ effects. You will certainly gain a lot of helpful information. There are strains specifically bred to resolve issues like anxiety, headaches, insomnia, or loss of appetite. Just like a pharmacy holds different medicine brands, a medical marijuana dispensary has different weed strains.

Budtenders are always thrilled to share their knowledge with customers. You can build a good rapport and the next time you visit the staff will be more inclined to help you!

Tip a budtender

Budtenders deserve a generous tip for helping you in choosing a perfect cannabis product for your needs. Show your appreciation with a tip of $2 for small purchases and $5 for large orders.

Don’t forget to enjoy your first visit to the Fluent marijuana dispensary!

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