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Can Cannatonic Atherapy Help Relieve Anxiety?

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Many people consider cannabis a harmless and safe drug, particularly when compared to tobacco. While cannabis can be useful in cases where you need a certain type of brain activity or if you want to alleviate a certain symptom, too much cannabis can be harmful.

To understand why cannabis has some users complaining of side effects, you need to look beyond the facts and understand the chemistry behind the drug. Our bodies react to different levels of exposure with different drugs, and not all strains are created equal. Some cannabis users simply do not care whether there is high or low THC potency; in either case, their health can be adversely affected.

When considering which low THC marijuana strains is best for your needs, you should first understand the way the drug works. Most cannabis users start out with a high percentage of THC, which acts as a chemical to reduce feelings of anxiety and producing a euphoric “high”. Other cannabidiol (CBD) substances also help reduce these feelings by blocking the receptors in the brain that produce the neurochemical dopamine and norepinephrine. However, high-THC cannabis strains tend to have the highest concentration of CBD, at up to forty percent. Some cannabis users also like strains with lower THC concentrations to avoid any of the side effects THC can potentially cause.

The question then becomes, does any of this matter? If a person smokes with no CBD, it may help them feel a little more relaxed, but does it alleviate any of the more serious psychiatric problems they are experiencing? In fact, CBD has been shown to benefit people with Alzheimer’s disease by reducing symptoms, but it still doesn’t make them forget things or live without difficulty.

For people with anxiety disorders, the high THC levels will likely have little effect. However, because anxiety disorders are characterized by an imbalance in brain chemistry, reducing anxiety levels could help patients who suffer from them. Some researchers even believe that CBD may help reduce the progression and severity of some forms of depression.

There is no definitive answer on whether or not CBD is helpful for those with anxiety problems, but it is important to know that there are currently two major cannabis strains that have significantly less CBD than other strains: Bed cannabis, which is usually red or black, and Lemonade, which is white. Of these two, the Bed cannabis strain has the highest concentration of CBD, at up to 40 percent, and accounts for the majority of the cannabis sold in America. Many landlords do not allow smoking anywhere near young children, so having a smoke with them can sometimes be troublesome, especially if your child is not ready to handle the taste.

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