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How Much Of CBD Should You Take? Find Here!

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For the unversed, cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of hundreds of chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, together known as cannabinoids. CBD is not psychoactive, which means it wouldn’t get you high. Most CBD products in the market today are derived from hemp, the least processed variant of marijuana. These products are legal in most states, if the THC (the only psychoactive compound in cannabis) content is less than 0.3%. You can buy all sorts of products, including tinctures, oils, gummies, edibles, capsules and pills containing CBD online, and some trusted sites, like Saving Grace CBD, have both full-spectrum and isolates on offer.

This brings us to the main question – How much of CBD should you consume? To be honest, the answer to that depends on why you are consuming CBD in the first place.

CBD dosages in general

If you want to use CBD for general wellbeing, you should start slow, probably not exceeding 10 mg per day for a week. As you start enjoying the benefits, you can always increase the dosage. Anywhere between 5mg and 10 mg is a good place to start. If you have a hard time falling asleep, you should take somewhere around 20 to 25 mg of CBD a few hours before your bedtime. Note that the effects may not be visible right away, and you can feel a difference in your sleeping pattern after a month or so.

CBD for inflammation, aches and pain

If you have chronic pain because of other health conditions, CBD can help. In fact, CBD is often recommended for inflammation, aches and pain in general, and the standard dose for starters is around 10 mg per day. If you find it necessary, you can continue increasing the dosage every week, but try not to take more than 35 mg per day. As for anxiety and stress, you need a similar dosage.

Things to note

Anything in excess can be harmful, and CBD is no different. CBD can cause side effects when taken in higher doses, and these effects include dry mouth and drowsiness. If you are taking medication and want to still try CBD for therapeutic benefits, you should consider talking to your doctor in depth first.

CBD is generally considered to be safe, and you can find all sorts of options in dispensaries and online stores. Just make sure that you have a way to measure your dosage.

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