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Get To Know Different Cannabis Concentrate Forms

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Concentrates arena can be perplexing for new as well as seasoned cannabis consumers. Cannabis concentrates quality is determined using factors like starting material, extraction technique, purity, consistency, and potency. You can buy concentrates at Acres Cannabis in its purest form. You get to choose the concentrate products of several popular brands without any concerns about quality.

Why try concentrates?

  • More potent than the buds, so is a more economical way of consuming marijuana.
  • High potency means medical patients can achieve relief faster than edibles and flowers.
  • Concentrate vaporization flavors are better.

How do cannabis concentrates get extracted?

The extractions of cannabis are similar to processes used for creating essential oils or decaffeinated coffee. Different extraction method & solvent is used to pressurize in a safe and closed-loop system. You can divide cannabis concentrates into 2 main groups.

Solvent extractions – All the compounds from the plant are stripped by the solvent [propane, butane, alcohol, and CO2] leaving a highly strong liquid solution.

Non-solvent extractions – No foreign substances are used. Ice-water is used to extract cannabis. In this method, pressure, temperature, and water are the predominant factor.

What are the common concentrate forms?

Shatter [Slabs, Glass, Sheets]

It is a clear, smooth and solid form. It involves the 2nd extraction process, which eliminates the wax, lipids, and fat. The THC level is said to be high as 80% but all the terpenes get lost in this process. However, it is regarded as a purest and extremely potent form of concentrate.

Wax [Crumble, Honeycomb, Budder]

Cannabis wax loses its transparency during the extraction process. Wax gains different consistencies based on oil texture before purging, heat, and moisture.

  • Gooey waxes are called ‘Budder’.
  • Hard ones with brittle texture are popular as ‘Honeycomb’ or ‘Crumble’.

Some waxes preserve more terpenes, so they are more flavorful along with a high level of THC.

Oil [Hash oil, BHO, RSO, CO2 oil]

Oil is a runnier, sticky, gooey liquid. It is hard for users to handle, so oil is often sold in plastic syringes. Terpenes’ full flavorful profile is preserved in cannabis oil. However, the THC percentage can be less consistent.

Rosin [Resin, Live Rosin]

The lucidity and consistency of rosin concentrate range from creamy budder to clear shatter. High pressure and low heat are used to extract concentrate from hash or flower rather than solvent. Rosin can be made at home using parchment paper, flower, and hair straightener.

Kief [Pollen, Dry sift]

The sticky, tiny crystals that cover the marijuana buds are called kief. In resin glands, there is a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes. Separating the kief crystals from the plant matter allows enjoying cannabis with less charred material.

Hash [Bubble Hash, Ice water hash, Hashish]

Hash is kief, which when heated and pressurized ruptures resin glands changing to a different consistency. Soft and green balls are formed.

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