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All You Need To Know About Cannabis Flower And Its Quality

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Ever since Cannabis has been legalized in parts of the United States, there has also been an increase in the amount of knowledge available about Cannabis. Earlier, this was not possible because enough research was not available on the subject because Cannabis is illegal, but now certain things are very clear and what tops the list is that Cannabis has great medical potential.

The Quality Of Cannabis

Cannabis is a plant and is grown by different dispensaries and other people that work in this field, like any other plant. There are different types and different qualities in Cannabis too.

  • The Top Quality Of Cannabis:- As the name suggests, the top quality of Cannabis is the Cannabis that is best in quality. It is often known as top-shelf Cannabis. This type of Cannabis is the most preferred as it has the best smell and the best properties, but it is not very easy to get it because the demand for this is very high.
  • The Medium Quality Cannabis:- Initially, the medium quality of Cannabis was Cannabis that had a lower quality but now that most dispensaries grow their Cannabis, there has been an improvement in the quality of the medium level.
  • Low-Quality Cannabis:- Low-quality Cannabis has the lowest quality of Cannabis. In this segmentation, there would be a lot of seeds, and the Cannabis would be very dry. This type of Cannabis is generally not available at dispensaries because they do not have good quality, and people do not want to purchase it.

The Different Types Of Cannabis

Multiple types of Cannabis are available. There are mainly two strains, the CBD dominant strain, and the THC dominant strain. The THC strain has a high amount of THC, and upon its consumption, people experience a high feeling, whereas the CBD strain has a high amount of CBD and very little or no amount of THC, which means that it does not give the high feeling to the consumer. Both of these strains have their pros and cons and are used for different purposes.

The cannabis flower has a lot of medicinal properties, and the legalization would help in making more research in the field. This would also allow the dispensaries to sell more Cannabis, which would mean that they would grow more Cannabis, and in doing so, the quality of the Cannabis would surely improve.

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