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5 evident reasons to see a dentist in Chehalis

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You should keep up with your dental appointments, but once in a while, you may need to see a dentist in an emergency or when you have unusual symptoms. If you are new to the city, choosing the right practice is important. Choose a qualified and reputed dentist in Chehalis, WA, through an online search. Here are some signs that you must schedule an appointment.

You have pain in your face, neck, and mouth

A toothache could be related to decay or infection. If you have pain in your mouth or neck, it could be related to Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding. Checking with a dentist allows you to find the possible cause and get treatment before things get worse.

You have bleeding gums

The first stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis, which is usually treatable. Your dentist will check why you have symptoms like bleeding gums and may recommend using medicated mouthwash. You can keep up with your oral hygiene practices. However, if gum disease is at an advanced stage, more treatments may be necessary.

You have persistent bad breath

Also called halitosis, persistent bad breath could be related to various teeth and gum conditions. Determining the cause is critical. See a dentist if you have been brushing and flossing regularly but see no difference in how your breath smells. Treatments may include cleanings and using medicated oral care products.

You have a broken crown

Dental restorations are not for a lifetime, and when you have a broken crown or bridge, it is essential to seek a replacement. If you fail to seek help, the tooth may need extraction. Your dentist will remove the broken crown and order a new one from a lab.

You have extreme sensitivity

If you have pain or sensations in one or more of your teeth, you have to get checked to determine the possible causes. Decay can damage the enamel, which is the top layer of a tooth, and expose the dentin, which can cause discomfort and sensitivity. Injury can also cause similar symptoms.

Final word

You should also schedule dental appointments more frequently if you smoke, are pregnant, or have other conditions, such as heart disease. During pregnancy, you may experience more changes in your mouth, and seeing a dentist is perfectly safe during this time. Check the timings of the clinic, and if it is an urgent condition, you should not delay getting diagnosed.

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