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Do You Know the Differences Between Cannabis Concentrate and Cannabis Flower?

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By combining flower with concentrates plenty of therapeutic benefits can be obtained from cannabis. Here, we are going to do comparative review between flower and concentrate of cannabis.

Following are few parameters of comparison between the two.

  • Names of concentrate

If you want to buy concentrate then they will be available as number of products with different names, which is not with flowers.

  • Potency of concentrate

Potency of any concentrate will be much higher as compared to flower because they are processed for extracting only relevant cannabis compounds.

  • Administration

You can administer cannabis concentrate in many different ways like dabbing, ingesting, inhaling or sublingual methods but flowers are generally smoked.

  • Plant matter

While smoking buds, you get both CBD and THC compounds, but in case of concentrates you can separate them.

  • Flower flavor

Some of the concentrates may lose the aroma and flavor when they are extracted. Usually, terpenes are a little volatile and fragrant oils can be secreted by cannabis plant.

In many kinds of extraction processes, it may be difficult, if you want to preserve terpenes. Few aromatic compounds are however reintroduced afterwards, which may produce little more overall flavor.

Pros and cons of cannabis flower

Following are few pros and cons of cannabis flowers.


  1. Flowers will contain all the helpful cannabinoids and terpenes everything in single package.
  2. Those seeking lesser intensive therapies will find it suitable.
  3. Inexpensive
  4. Easily accessible
  5. Easier to cultivate
  6. You can use with raw juices and smoothies
  7. Has got aromatherapy component and offer benefits by smelling


  1. Low in concentration and may not suit many to obtain benefits
  2. For healthy consumption needs expensive equipment for vaporization
  3. Risk of mold or mildew
  4. To make edibles need processing

Pros and cons of cannabis concentrate

Following are few pros and cons of cannabis concentrate.


  1. Highly concentrated and can be potent as medicine
  2. No need of expensive vaporization equipment
  3. Offers fast and strong relief
  4. Pure product for inhaling
  5. Can easily be added into food or hot drinks
  6. Can also be used in sublingual method


  1. May contain pesticide
  2. Benefits offered may vary between different products
  3. May lose few benefits of plant compounds due to processing
  4. Expensive
  5. Extraction is not possible at home
  6. If not tested properly may contain residual solvents.
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